June 4, 2008

Still Joly, Day 3

Day 3: 5:58 PM. The sherry notes are fading, giving way to fig, lanolin and toffee. There's still a marked sherry quality on the palate, but it's commingled with caramelized Anjou pear and sharp limestone. This is still fresh and lively. Still weird. The wine really does seem to be changing expression and building force as time passes.

You can see in the photo the color is much deeper, more coppery, than what you'd typically expect from Chenin Blanc. Probably should have used this photo yesterday when I first mentioned the color of the wine...

Okay, spent some more time surfing the web between drinks. And today discovered that Jamie Goode, a noted British wine journalist, has already done a version of this experiment. I suppose I'm now reduced to an exercise in scientific peer review. But with half a decanter of freaky Chenin Blanc still to drink, I will definitely kick on to see if we can replicate Jamie Goode's results.

Already, it is interesting to note that my day 2 (yesterday) looks remarkably like Goode's day 3. It should be noted that he is drinking better wine than I am, the Coulee de Serrant (the top of the line Joly wine), from the remarkable 2002 vintage. I also find it worth noting that both wines went through a "fino sherry" chapter in their decanted evolution.

By the way, "imbuvable" means poisonous (from yesterday). I looked it up.

Day 4 still to come (can you feel the suspense?)...

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