June 5, 2008

All The World Is Joly, Day 4

Okay, so I've noticed with several bottles in the past that Chenin Blancs really hold up over time. And this one is proving no exception. I'm not sure they all improve this way with all this air and time, but it does make you wonder whether there might not be something in the chemical composition of Chenin that allows it to weather sustained oxygen exposure.

Note to self: An advanced degree in chemistry could be helpful.

Day 4: 6:12PM. Nose has gone backward. Less sherry, but still oxidative; can't help but wonder if this volatility is a flaw (from any of a number of species of acetic acid bacteria that survived the sulfur dioxide-free winemaking)? In the mouth, there is real sweetness now, with an interesting metallic undercurrent... canned pears with hints of caramel. In spite of the sensation of sweetness, this remains very dry throughout, particularly on the mineral finish. You could certainly argue this is a strange expression of Chenin Blanc, but you cannot say it's fading. It remains brightly weird.

Day 5 and the end of the experiment coming up...

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