June 26, 2008

Big News from the Bubbledome

One of the Lab staff recently pointed out that she felt we were missing an important commercial opportunity. I replied that we were a scientific research lab, unmotivated by petty, material concerns. Then I thought about it and asked her what she had in mind. Given the inevitable success of our Bubbledome competitions, the enormous (likely) fan base and the inestimable value of electronic real estate, she thought we should sell naming rights for the stadium. What a great idea! She also thought we should make tiny little boxing gloves to tape on the bottles. I guess it's true lightning doesn't strike twice.

The negotiations for the sale of the naming rights are likely to be protracted. How do you value "priceless?" So until we have the details worked out, we thought we'd offer the rights free-of-charge to some our favorite wine writers on the Web.

First up: McDuff's Food & Wine Trail penned by Philadelphian David McDuff, who was kind enough to offer the Lab it's first public encouragement (Thanks David!). McDuff is a highly knowledgeable wine connoisseur and a devoted foodie. His detailed accounts of treks to vintners and highly perceptive tasting notes are a valuable aid to the Lab's research.

So without additional ado, the Lab is excited to announce our inaugural match.


Thierry Puzelat Vin P
étillant Naturel, 2005, Touraine, France ($18 at Chambers Street Wines, Manhattan)


Ferrari Brut Spumante, NV, Trento, Italy ($20 at K&L Wines, Hollywood)

Fight results tomorrow...

(Image credit: © Ryan Gerdts | Dreamstime.com)

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David McDuff said...

Hmmm. I never quite fancied myself a corporate sponsor and I'm not quite ready for a memorial stadium. Nonetheless, I'm honored to have lent my name to the first Rumble in the Bubbledome.