June 3, 2008

Joly, Day 2

Day 2: 5:49 PM. Oxidative nose with distinct sherry overtones. And weird. There's a faint caramelized fruit smell, maybe quince? In the mouth, fino sherry and waxy, unripe pear with an arresting mineral finish, silvery and long. By the way, it's worth noting the color of this wine. It has a rich coppery hue, looks like a reduction of Sauternes.

To pass the long stretches between drinks, I was poking around on Nicolas Joly's website, looking for some metaphysical proof of the existence of Les Clos Sacre (pictured here in reality). While there, I found this bit of rough instruction from the man himself:
To be sure that this color is not oxidation drink glass per day during several days without giving the bottle to the refrigerator, just by stopping it and you will see the wine improving the first days, sometimes even more than one week. If it were oxidized it would be imbuvable.
I'm not sure what "imbuvable" means, but there's no way I'm going to leave this sitting on my kitchen counter for the next three days. Any number of calamities might arrive. The housekeeper could pour it down the sink. My wife might put flowers in it. It would be one thing if I had an underground cellar and could leave the decanter on a table in a cool, climate controlled environment. But I live in Los Angeles, and it's June. It's going to be 80 degrees today. So I'm going to "give the bottle to the refrigerator." And hope it gives it back.

Day 3 tomorrow!

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