May 8, 2009

What Me Worry?

Turns out the stress test was the easiest exam I've taken since a mid-term for Intro to Haiku in College.

We passed without even breathing hard.

And now, the resulting bubble gives us a chance to raise capital in the public debt/equity markets which we can subsequently use to pay back our ill-gotten TARP funds.

So... (pay attention, this is going to go past quickly), as a result of the shackles of tyranny, the Lab will soon be free of the shackles of tyranny. This is awesome. God bless these United States.

And there is nothing arbitrary about this milestone! This is a legit celebration of our (economic) freedom (as qualified by the micro-physics of late-capitalist, macro-economic structures), and we're pouring Vilmart & Cie, Grand Cellier D'Or, NV, at the Lab today.

honeyed pain grillé
what I think Champagne should be
pure graphite finish

What do you want? I got a C+ in Haiku.

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