May 4, 2009

Not So Good

While waiting for more Tasmanian pages from Chinskirin, I froze another open bottle of wine. Red this time.

I did not get a good result (sorry, Doc).

I was hoping for another anecdotal win. On that basis, we could have petitioned the FDA for immediate research funds, formulated a broad experimental protocol, maybe even settled the matter once and for all.

It was a sample a wine producer sent to the Lab. The faults evidenced after freezing were in no way their fault, so in spite of all the recent chatter on the subject, I'm going to eschew transparency and protect the name of an innocent party.

We're obviously going to have get deeper into the freezer on this, with or without the FDA.

image: © Rafal Glebowski |


Edward said...

Oh no!

If this is true, I wonder why? I was thinking about the reheating process and making sure the wine gets to room temperature prior to sampling.

Will report as soon as I can smell again!

Laboratory Chief said...

Doc, I'm hopeful you get a good result. I think the red had probably been open for too long before I froze. Freezing doesn't repairs oxidation damage, just halts its forward progress.

Look forward to hearing your results.

Hope you're better soon.