April 27, 2009

In From the Cold

I left my notebook with Chinskirin Boktani and the bastard is mailing it back one page at a time. He thinks it's funny. Said he'd use Western Union if it weren't so expensive.

So while we wait for the next installment of the Tasmanian Chronicles, a little science in the interim.

Very little.

Before my trip, I was speaking with Cara Bertone of Veritas Imports. I was telling her about some of our wine preservation work at the Lab, and she mentioned she had a friend who advocates freezing wine. Given this research, seems like a flawed strategy. But what do I know?

So before I left for Tazzie, I opened this bottle (see photo), had a glass and then whacked it into the freezer.

We opened it when we got back and let it thaw on the counter.

It was terrific. Better than I remember.

This is hardly science. No control. No protocols. But it appeared to have worked.

Makes me less afraid of the cold.


Amy said...

I am said friend of Cara Bertone, and no one ever believes me on this! So glad to have some corroboration! :) AMY

Laboratory Chief said...

Hi Amy, Welcome to the Lab! This is kind of like having a celebrity stop by.

I'll admit, I didn't believe you either, but I'm always willing to test a theory. I was stunned by the result!

You freeze your reds too?