April 21, 2009

From Our Aerie

Still April.

We remain at Eagle's Landing (ed. corr.), awaiting the arrival of our guide. We've been told he left Melbourne days ago, and so we are anxious, hoping he might appear at any moment. Hopefully, he's not lost; this would bode ill for our journey.

In the meantime, the notes, as promised:

2006 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir, Martinborough. This wine has a big, full and expressive nose of dark, sugared plum and cherry fruits with some beguiling barrel effects (something like caramelized vanilla). This is young, and the tannins are quite sharp, but it is beautifully structured with bright fruit and an intense granitic minerality.

2004 Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir. This has a sensual, (middle?) earthy nose accompanied by plums and blueberries. Very approachable after the tannins get some air. This is rich and full of extracted fruit, but not at the expense of a voluptuous precision.

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