April 9, 2009

Lab Road Trip

I've perhaps gone overboard in taking my own advice about getting out of the Lab more often.

But I've booked a drinking tour of Tasmania. Off the Southeast coast of the Australian mainland, Tasmania affords the perfect combination for making sparkling wines: A cool climate and a bunch of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay planted in the ground. I begin my assault tomorrow, map in hand (my Aussie readers will tell you that's a pretty good line).

I'll be gone until after tax day.

At least.


Glen said...

Enjoy the trip, I was fortunate enough to visit Hobart a few years ago and thought it was a great experience. While your checking out the grapes don't forget about the wildlife, very different and very interesting.

Edward said...

J David,

I look forward to reading all about the wine, but like Glen suggested, I'm sure you will be checking out some of the scenery too. I was reading about the Tarkine forests recently, which again confirms how splendid Tasmania can be.