May 11, 2009

Help Wanted

Fellow wine scientist and Auburn University postdoc, Tracy Rickman, is working on wine and something called blogging.

At the Lab, we're signing on to sponsor her research. Because Tracy needs a job, and we'd like to see her get one.

The flow chart looks like this:

Collect Data > Write Article > Get Published > Gain Employment.

So please, let's help Tracy get her data, so she can get to work.

Take her very short (3-4 minutes) SURVEY.

(After the fact note: Turns out it's more of a medium survey (7-9 mins). But it is serious research -- unlike most of our Lab activities -- and would be a big help.)

The survey is available HERE.

If you're still not getting it, this is another LINK to her SURVEY.

Everyone here at the Lab appreciates your time and thanks you for your effort.

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