February 12, 2009

The Treachery of Blogs

Regular visitors know that this is not a blog.

The Rational Denial Lab is a scientific institute; these missives are but reports from the front lines of our experimental adventures.

We don't let ourselves get distracted from our mission.

We don't write about what we ate for dinner.

Or what we drank in a bar.

We don't blog.

So this leaves us with a quandary, as one of the Lab's original benefactors, David McDuff, is hosting something that those who do blog call Wine Blogging Wednesday. It's a sort of virtual tasting party with a different monthly theme.

We don't do virtual either.

But we do support our friends. A cadre of my old pals from science grad school -- mostly chemists but there is one guy from the Earth Sciences department -- get together once a month to reminisce about the glory days in our college lab and tell funny stories about proteins and aldehydic reactions.

Our next dinner is tomorrow night. We'll be pouring wine from Piedmont, Italy (McDuff's theme).

I think Magritte could live with this sort of compromise.


David McDuff said...

Sorry to induce a break in protocol, JDH, but glad to hear you'll be joining the fray. I'm sure there's a GLP or SOP out there that makes allowance for such a venture.

Managing Principal, Labstuff said...

It's a pleasure. After all, we'd never want to be accused of being sticklers.