December 5, 2008

Arbitrary Milestone Indeed

I'm sitting at my desk on Friday afternoon planning the staff holiday party -- I never know how many cheese logs to get -- when a staff librarian runs in with big news:

The Rational Denial Lab has broken through the 500,000 mark of Alexa's global traffic rankings!

I have no idea what this means... But the Grant Writing department has decided to print, "the fastest growing wine blog on the planet" on the Lab letterhead. It all seems a bit far-feteched to me.

But it certainly feels like cause for celebration! I'm heading immediately for the "arbitrary milestone" section of the Lab's Champagne cellar.

As if Friday afternoon wasn't reason enough...


Annie said...

Does being the fastest growing wine blog also make the lab employees the fastest growing drunks??

Chief Executive Researcher said...

Perhaps. I'll let you know after the swelling in my liver goes down.