December 11, 2008

Bottle Shock Trial #1

The first of our Bottleshock Trials gives us an opportunity to highlight one of the Lab's favorite wine shops in New York City. We love the Astor Wine Center on Lafayette Street in Manhattan. They have a good collection of grower Champagne and extensive offerings from importers who have championed the natural wine movement like Louis/Dressner Selections and the outstanding wines of Jenny & Francois (sadly, almost impossible to find on the West Coast!).

Astor Wines is also really good at shipping.

On the Astor website, I found at bottle of Beaujolais iconoclast Jean-Paul Brun's Terres Dorees, Cote de Brouilly, 2007. I ordered one on October 19. It arrived via UPS Ground on the 27th. I put it straight into the cellar before going back to the Astor Wines website to order a second bottle. This bottle I scheduled for a December 1st ship date. Without so much as a follow up phone call, some guy, identified on the invoice only as "Al", filled my order, scheduled shipment for a month hence and delivered the goods intact and on time. Nice going, Al.

When the second bottle arrived, we put it into a wine fridge for a couple hours, just to bring it down to cellar temperature. Fair is fair.

We opened both and tasted blind side by side.

Results up next.


dhonig said...

You're such a tease! I REALLY want to know how this turns out.

Chief Executive Researcher said...

I know. I'm almost evil. Must be the season. Not sure what's gotten into me.