May 17, 2010

Moving is a Bitch and some EVOLUTION 4.0

Packing up the Lab was a painful and distracting exercise. And I've clearly fallen behind in my reporting. But I have now landed safely on far eastern shores and hope to catch up while I wait for the Lab's cellars to arrive on their proverbial slow boat.

Amongst other experimental documentation oversights of the past weeks, I have a report from tasting bottle # 4 of our long duration experiment, EVOLUTION/category: white.

(see prior posts here: 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0)

Just to remind you, we're drinking a case of white wine, a bottle at 6 month intervals until we've finished the case. More specifically, we're drinking the much-hyped Pyramid Valley Winery's Lebecca Vineyard Riesling, 2006.

I'll admit that beyond the obvious experimental value, I've just plain enjoyed drinking this wine. What bottle #4 seems to demonstrate is... consistency. The wine doesn't seem to have travelled far from bottle #3. With these last two bottles, the terpenes seem to have faded (wonder if that fancy goût petrol will come back?), giving way to a complex and dense spectrum of citrus smells -- peel, pitch, oil and juice. The palate is nearly identical. Glycerin, lime, nectarine, tangerine, limestone, sea-spray. If anything the wine seems to be finding a greater harmony, wherein the whole seem greater than its parts.

Can't wait for #5.

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