August 25, 2009


Avoid small children if you can. Especially, your own.

Off and on, for the past several weeks, I have been running a low-grade fever and been plagued with aches and soreness. On at least one occasion my fever spiked above 104 degrees (40.2 centigrade) and I was sure I was done for. Thankfully, I survived. But my condition has kept me from the Lab. The backlog of experiments is mounting.

I've discovered today that I have Parvovirus B19 which I acquired from my otherwise delightful school-age daughter.

The best part? There's no cure. You just have to wait it out and eventually your body conquers the virus. Or you get terrible anemia and need transfusions. I'm hopeful I can avoid this eventuality.

I'll let you know.


Edward said...

As long as it is only affecting your joints and skin and not your nose! Good thing too you're not pregnant. . .

Best of luck and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

TWG said...

Hope you recover quickly

Jonathan Payne said...

Hope you are hangin' in there. I'm sure you are bulking on immunity boosters at this point, and hopefully feeling better.

Director, Lab Outreach said...

Thanks all.