March 1, 2009

Word of the Day

organoleptic (adj): Pertaining to the sensory properties of a particular food or chemical, the taste, color, odor and feel, i.e. mouthfeel.

Use that in a sentence 3 times today.

I dare you.

(cfr. Wikipedia; E. Rose)

(blue tongue lizard: © Brooke Whatnall | )


BonCompanion said...

This post makes me very happy. Succinct and smart. The picture pushes it over the top for me. But then again, I'm drawn to anything cold blooded and good with words.

Managing Principal, Labstuff said...

Nice of you to stop by with your bon mots and your pretty hilarious inside reference.

Brooke Whatnall said...

Wow, thats my image there, great to see it used :)

Nice post as well, great word find