March 25, 2009

Vigorous Decanting

Now that we've resolved our balance sheet issues and gotten the government monkey off our back, we can settle back into some good, old-fashioned wine science. But before we do, I'd like to make an important announcement.

When I got back from Washington, we convened a meeting of the Lab's Oversight Board. It was there decided that to avoid even the appearance of impropriety I would return 100% of my bonus for 2008. I have done so reluctantly, but with the full understanding it will be returned to me as part of my 2009 bonus when all the fuss has died down. It was also decided that we would not invite Lloyd Blankfein to any future meetings of the Oversight Board. Just to be safe. Appearance is everything.

Now, on with the oenology.

Today's experiment focuses on decanting. Our interest in this subject actually began with our first public experiment. Famed Rudy Steiner devotee, Nicolas Joly, recommends "vigorous decanting." But just what does that mean? I personally find decanting, vigorous or otherwise, generally unnecessary. Unless, as is often the case, I've stuffed up the cork removal and had to push it down into the bottle (but then I'm not really decanting the wine so much as I'm straining it).

Nevertheless, we wanted to see what would happen with some REALLY vigorous decanting. So we're putting a bottle of Root:1, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007 into a blender.

Stay tuned.


Joseph said...

Ingenious post.

ned said...

decanting, vigorous or otherwise, generally unnecessary

Please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Take pictures!

David McDuff said...

Decanting AND spanking... can't wait.

Laboratory Chief said...

Who said anything about spanking?

David McDuff said...

Spanking = what the blades/paddles in the blender will do to your wine.