October 8, 2008

Yard Sale!

Like everyone, we've been hit by the global financial crisis. We need to raise cash to service a short-term debt facility. So we're selling assets.

FOR SALE: 9,700 Premium Natural Cork Wine Stoppers #8 (22mmx45mm)

The corks are produced by a M.A. Silva, a top Portuguese producer and the first cork company to receive the ISO 22000 designation for advanced international standards of excellence. Visit their website at www.masilva.com for more information

Cork Specifications
Grade: Premium Uncoated
Size: 22mm x 45mm (#8)
Wash: MSN45A
Quantity: 9,700

The corks are ready for printing (at additional cost) or can be delivered blank directly from the manufacturers
state-of-the-art facility in Santa Rosa, California. Additional services (printing, shipping, etc) will be provided directly from M.A. Silva Corks USA.

The original purchase price was $3,045.80 ($0.314 per cork), but we will consider any serious offer that helps to restore our liquidity.

Contact the Lab for further details.


Duke of Earl said...

Why 9,700 corks? Is that a metric baker's dozen x 800 cases? Please help refresh my memory - can #8 corks be used for home winemaking/hand corking?

Chief of Lab Research said...

Duke, Math was never my strong suit, but I can tell you that that the #8 is designed for hand-corking, so ideal for home use.