August 26, 2008

Some Welcome Perspective

Yesterday, I took time out from our usual scientific reportage to write about a little personality tic of mine. My heartfelt thanks to everyone for the outpouring of sympathy and support. Your notes, cards and messages are greatly appreciated.

I'm happy to report that today, I'm feeling much better.

Mostly because my own issues seem almost trivial in the face of this guy's collection of 4180 little metal caps and army men made from Champagne closures.

I thought I was bad, but this guy is a freak. I do like his fancy website, though.

Schadenfreude is never pretty.


From Bottle to Box said...

Love the little chairs. My husband, kids and myself made little chairs and entered them in a show at the Dayton Art Institute 2007. Love you're blog. My experiment is to see if I can survive on boxed wine.

Director of Lab Science said...

Thanks for the kind words, B2B. I did your experiment in college. Results were pretty ugly. But that was an era before tetra-briks.