August 4, 2008

An Ode to Brooklynguy

DATELINE: Bubbledome. All good things must come to an end. So today is both a sad and happy one at the Lab. Today we pass a torch at the Bubbledome. A crew has been working well into the night to take down the massive McDuff Food and Wine Trail sign, to replace it with an equally massive Brooklynguy sign.

Le roi est mort! Vive le roi!

Welcome to the Brooklynguy Bubbledome.

Okay, other than living up to the Lab's socialistic ideals of wealth-sharing (we are impractical scientists, after all) and the obvious benefits of alliteration, we wanted to honor another of our favorite wine writers with a term on the marquee.

For me, Brooklynguy is the anti-Jay McInerney. Which is to say he writes with straightforward humility and approachable clarity. He doesn't drop the names of famous winemakers he's had dinner with. And if he did, he wouldn't tell you what celebrity they most resemble. His stories, recipes and tasting notes are penned with an infectious enthusiasm that make you want to eat what he's eating and drink what he's drinking. He also offers up a regular Friday review of sparkling wines that make his association with the Bubbledome seem very appropriate.

At least that's our hope, since we didn't bother to ask permission about this.

(stadium: © Predrag Novakovic | )

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Mike Drapkin said...

I look forward each week to Friday night bubbles. Brooklynguy's approachable writing style is indeed fantastic!!