June 3, 2010

Yard Sale?

Okay, I need to admit something right here, right off the bat. The next few posts are just showing off.

In my defense, I will only say that I have been living in a serviced apartment in Hong Kong (courtesy of Li Ping) while the Lab and its contents cross the Pacific in a container on a cargo ship. It's not glamorous. I love my kids, but at close quarters this affection is regularly tested.

I hope you'll indulge me in a little escapism.

As we were packing the Lab's cellars, we faced an awkward quandary. We wanted to take as much of the contents as possible to Guangzhou, especially those bottles with experimental value. But we didn't trust our new benefactors to manage the shipping in climate controlled fashion. Crossing oceans can be perilous. Hate to lose the cellar to the deep blue. So we decided that some bottles in the Lab's collection would not, in fact, make the crossing.

The Lab's Director of Marketing proposed a yard sale.

He's no longer with us. I think the press release said he's taking some time to focus on his family.

My (much better) idea was to drink them.

So the Lab organized several dinners to do just that.

A report on the first -- a big vertical flight of fancy Chardonnay -- up next.

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