June 8, 2009

Sorry, Honey

We have been so busy doing fake science, homage travel writing, and bad finance that we forgot all about our Anniversary!

The Lab celebrated it's birthday on the first of the month, and I totally forgot. I did wonder at the time what everyone was doing in the conference room wearing those stupid, pointy party hats.

So with apologies to all, we are celebrating the milestone today. Cake will be served in the conference room at lunch. Feel free to bring the dumb hats if you still have them.

To further commemorate the occasion, we will also be recreating our initial experiment, 5 Days in Joly, wherein we tested Loire legend and biodynamic stalwart, Nicolas Joly's, claim that his wine should be decanted "vigorously" and are best on the fifth day.

Results up in about five days.

hats: © Zts | Dreamstime.com


Edward said...

Happy birthday! The ripple from your initial splash is still just as pleasing and though provoking.

David McDuff said...

Happy bloggiversary, JDH. Do I sense a blender in Joly's future? Looking forward to the five day report, and the next 360 to follow.

Experimentally yours,