July 18, 2008

A Letter from the Staff

found this on my desk this morning:

Dear Dr Ambien,

Hope you're enjoying your time in Esotericaland. The navel-gazing is said to be outstanding this time of year.

While you're gone, the rest of us have been grinding out "actual" science. We've set up protocols to measure various storage modes; we've leased equipment to recreate the "lightstrike" wine flaw; we've filled out multiple grant proposals (in triplicate, see attached) and otherwise occupied ourselves in the usual occupations of the Lab.

When you get back from your scintilating trek through Pointlessville, we're all set to get going. We just wanted you to know. And if you don't get back soon, we are resigning en masse together.

The Staff


my reply:

My Darling Colleagues,

There are, no doubt, countless reasons I am in the corner office and you work in cubicles. Continue going about your dreary lives, and I'll call if I need anything from you.

You misspelled scintillating.

All best and etc...

PS. My name is not Ambien.

PPS. The Jefferson thought-experiment concludes after the week-end.


David McDuff said...

Ungrateful discontents!

Seriously, congrats on the Fermentation plug. Well deserved. Just don't go renaming the Bubbledome on me.

J David Harden said...

Thanks David.

You seem to becoming a little bit attached to the Bubbledome.